Create a T&t Plan for your money to make the most of Today and prepare for tomorrow.

T&t allows anyone to enjoy the peace of mind of having a plan that tells you where you are going with your money.

Everyone has a question about their money. T&t lets anyone, whatever their age or income, build a Plan to find the answer.

T&t guides you quickly and easily through the creation of your Plan, requires no financial expertise and is free to use!

Building the first version of your first Plan takes just a few minutes and the results are easy to read with four simple graphs.

If you do need any help to use your Plan, understand what it means, where to go next or you just want to talk about money then you can use the Talking T&t service.

T&t keeps things simple by focusing on the 7 Choices that will determine your financial future.

You don’t need a Plan until you have a Choice.

A Plan can’t predict the future, but it can show you the Choices you have, provoke reflection and conversations and help you to make good short-term decisions that get you moving in the right direction on a path that you have chosen.

Play with your Choices and adjust the dials until you have found the combination that sets achievable targets, balances the trade-offs and makes a T&t Plan that is right for you Today and tomorrow.

How long do you want to Plan for and what is/are the question(s) you are trying to answer?

How long and how hard do you need to work?

How much do you need to sacrifice Today in order to prepare for tomorrow?

Why are you investing and what returns do you need?

Exceptional Spending – What could be your special projects, dreams and challenges?
Exceptional Income – Should you plan for an inheritance, a business sale, a bonus..?

Where do you want to live and what can you afford?

How do you want to live and what can you afford?


T&t is a new way to think differently about Plans and Planning.

Make the right Choices looking at the joined-up picture of all your money.

Just enter some basic starting information to create your first T&t Plan. You are up and running and can now review your assumptions and start to make your Choices.

Choose the structure to suit you and  achieve any objective. Plan for as long as you want with the option of making different Choices in up to 5 different life phases. 

Play with your Plan to see the lifestyles you might be able to afford Today and tomorrow.

You can set targets for earning, spending, investing and property in any future year using the value of money you recognise Today.

Your (optional) Property Plan will show you what could be possible. Rent or buy, plan to move up to 5 times always using today’s values and with affordability checked each time against your overall Plan.

Your T&t Plan is quick and easy to change whenever you want so that you can always keep it up to date and keep moving in the right direction.

Move from the theory of a Plan to the lifetime habit of Planning that delivers real changes and benefits and puts you in control of your money.

T&t Plans at work

Watch how a T&t Plan can be used by people of all ages, incomes and circumstances to answer their money questions.

It’s never too late to make a Plan, but the sooner you start the more Choices you will have.

Move from the theory of a Plan to the lifetime habit of Planning that delivers real changes and benefits and puts you in control of your money.

Any questions, comments or suggestions?

We would love to know what you think of T&t and how we could make it even better.